Michael Cronin

Irish and Ecology - An Ghaeilge agus an Éiceolaíocht

This bilingual book looks at the greatest challenge facing Ireland in the 21st Century - climate change.

Cíorann an leabhar dátheangach seo an dúshlán is mó atá roimh Éire sa 21ú céad: an t-athrú aeráide.

‘this book provides a fascinating and timely call to arms’
The Irish Times

"Cíorann ”An Ghaeilge agus an Éiceolaíocht” an dúshlán is mó atá roimh Éire sa 21ú céad- an t-athrú aeráide. Tá dochar doleasaithe ag bagairt ar an aeráid agus gan an Ghaeilge, ní hacmhainn dúinn dul i ngleic leis an mbaol bunúsach sin. Mura mbeidh teacht againn  feasta ar ár imshaol, saíocht a taisceadh le dhá mhíle bliain, ní choinneofar an dé in áitritheoirí an oileáin. Dár ndlúth agus inneach an Ghaeilge riamh anall. Ní foláir dúshraith a dhéanamh di amach anseo."



Launch of
Eco-Translation: Translation and Ecology in the Age of the Anthropocene

Professor Michael Cronin with Professor Susan Bassnett at launch in Irish Writers Centre, Dublin, 2017

Eco-Translation: Translation and Ecology in the Age of the Anthropocene, Routledge, 2017.
Ecology has become a central question governing the survival and sustainability of human societies, cultures and languages. In this timely study, Michael Cronin investigates how the perspective of the Anthropocene, or the effect of humans on the global environment, has profound implications for the way translation is considered in the past, present and future.

Starting with a deep history of translation and ranging from food ecology to inter-species translation and green translation technology, this thought-provoking book offers a challenging and ultimately hopeful perspective on how translation can play a vital role in the future survival of the planet.


Translation in the Digital Age

Translation is living through a period of revolutionary upheaval. The effects of digital technology and the internet on translation are continuous, widespread and profound. From automatic online translation services to the rise of crowdsourced translation and the proliferation of translation Apps for smartphones, the translation revolution is everywhere. The implications for human languages, cultures and society of this revolution are radical and far-reaching. In the Information Age that is the Translation Age, new ways of talking and thinking about translation which take full account of the dramatic changes in the digital sphere are urgently required.

Michael Cronin examines the role of translation with regard to the debates around emerging digital technologies and analyses their social, cultural and political consequences, guiding readers through the beginnings of translation's engagement with technology, and through to the key issues that exist today.

With links to many areas of study, Translation in the Digital Age is a vital read for students of modern languages, translation studies, cultural studies and applied linguistics.


Recent Arabic and Polish translations of Translation in the Digital Age

A translation into Arabic of Translation in the Digital Age has just been published by the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. The translator is Dr. Mubarak Alkhatnai.

A translation into Polish of Translation in the Digital Age has just been published by the Jagiellonian University Press. See:

The translation will be launched at a special event in the Jagiellonian University in Kraków in early May 2017.


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Are we really living in a shrinking world? Is it true that diversity is on the decline everywhere? Are we condemned to live on a planet without difference or hope? The Expanding World challenges the basic notion of a shrinking world in current debates around globalization and argues that it informs ways of thinking and doing which are deeply damaging to the emergence of a progressive politics. The work proposes instead a new kind of politics based on a notion of an expanding rather than a shrinking world. This implies a different way of looking at the world and a different way of doing politics.

The Expanding World is fundamentally about looking more closely at what is around us and acting on that knowledge. It is about considering what it means to have whole worlds reflected in the looking glass of local inquiry. Cronin challenges the prevailing culture of disenchantment by highlighting the inexhaustible variety and richness of the planet and how that variety and richness can become the basis of new forms of emancipatory politics.

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This is the first sustained and broad-ranging critique of the legacies of Ireland's Celtic Tiger boom. Contributors identify the damaging impact that the free market has had on a wide range of areas in public life, including the media and the pharmaceutical industry, and also examine its influence on health, education, state surveillance, immigrants, the welfare state, consumerism and the Irish language.

Challenging the notion that there is no alternative for Ireland but the present economic and political dispensation, experts map out an alternative politics that could create spaces for hope and renewal in contemporary Ireland. In a society whose public debates have been largely dominated by the instrumentalist logic of stockbroker economists and the regressive populism of talk-radio shock jocks, Transforming Ireland offers a more substantial and considered analysis, uncovering hidden aspects of everyday Irish life. It reveals that, virtually unnoticed by the media, there exist lively debates in today's Ireland which draw on international insights about globalisation to probe how it is reshaping Irish society. Covering four principal topics - culture and society, media and social change, social control, and power and politics - this impressive volume opens new and hopeful perspectives for students and also the general reader.

Though primarily a book about Ireland, it is also a book about today's form of globalisation, offering a rare and accessible analysis of the damage done to society when market forces are given free rein.
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Translation and Globalization is essential reading for anyone with an interest in translation, or a concern for the future of our world's languages and cultures. This is a critical exploration of the ways in which radical changes to the world economy have affected contemporary translation.

The Internet, new technology, machine translation and the emergence of a worldwide, multi-million dollar translation industry have dramatically altered the complex relationship between translators, language and power. In this book, Michael Cronin looks at the changing geography of translation practice and offers new ways of understanding the role of the translator in globalized societies and economies. Drawing on examples and case-studies from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, the author argues that translation is central to debates about language and cultural identity, and shows why consideration of the role of translation and translators is a necessary part of safeguarding and promoting linguistic and cultural diversity.
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Michael Cronin looks at how translation has played a crucial role in shaping debates about identity, language and cultural survival in the past and in the present. He explores how everything from the impact of migration on the curricula for national literature courses, to the way in which nations wage war in the modern era is bound up with urgent questions of translation and identity. Examining translation practices and experiences across continents to show how translation is an integral part of how cultures are evolving, the volume presents new perspectives on how translation can be a powerful tool in enhancing difference and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Drawing on a wide range of materials from official government reports to Shakespearean drama and Hollywood films, Cronin demonstrates how translation is central to any proper understanding of how cultural identity has emerged in human history, and suggests an innovative and positive vision of how translation can be used to deal with one of the most salient issues in an increasingly borderless world.
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The publication of "The Commitments", "The Snapper" and "The Van" signalled the emergence of a significant new voice in Irish fiction. This book traces the genesis and impact of the change in Ireland's fortunes on the work of Doyle, Parker and Frears and shows how the increasing de-differentiation of boundaries between economy and culture meant that a body of literary and cinematographic work like the Trilogy was as much a contributory factor to the contemporary transformation of Ireland as a reflection of it.
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This highly accessible introduction to translation theory, written by a leading author in the field, uses the genre of film to bring the main themes in translation to life. Through analyzing films as diverse as the Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera, The Star Wars Trilogies and Lost in Translation, the reader is encouraged to think about both issues and problems of translation as they are played out on the screen and issues of filmic representation through examining the translation dimension of specific films.

In highlighting how translation has featured in both mainstream commercial and arthouse films over the years, Cronin shows how translation has been a concern of filmmakers dealing with questions of culture, identity, conflict and representation. This book is a lively and accessible text for translation theory courses and offers a new and largely unexplored approach to topics of identity and representation on screen. Translation Goes to the Movies will be of interest to those on translation studies and film studies courses.
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Breacann an t-udar bunus forasach, ilchulturtha d'athbheochan na Gaeilge. Bunsaothar smaointeoireachta e seo a leagann beim ar na deiseanna intleachtula is ga a thapu chun ionad a chinntiu don Ghaeilge in athchruthu agus athdheimhniu na tire. Saothar datheangach Gaeilge/Bearla is ea e.
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A radical new work aiming to redefine the relationship between travel and language focusing on the pivotal role of translation.
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