Michael Cronin





BA (Mod.) MA (NUI) Ph.D (Dubl.) FTCD MRIA MAE


1776 Professor of French (Chair)

Department of French,Trinity College Dublin,Dublin 2,Ireland

Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation (Director)

Trinity College Dublin,36 Fenian Street,Dublin 2,Ireland


1982    BA (Mod.)

Trinity College Dublin

French (Major)

English (Minor)

1986    MA (NUI)

University College Dublin.


1991    Ph.D. (Dubl.)

Trinity College Dublin.

Dissertation title: Ludic Elements in the Prose Fiction of Réjean Ducharme and Gérard Bessette

Academy Memberships & Honorary Awards

·         Professorial Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (elected April 2019)

·         Member of the Academia Europaea/Academy of Europe (elected September 2015)

·         Honorary Membership of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association  (conferred December 2007)

·         Member of the Royal Irish Academy (elected March 2006)

·         Officier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (conferred 2006)


·         CATS Vinay Darbelnet Prize (2001)

o   Awarded to Across the Lines by the Canadian Association of Translation Studies as the best book in translation studies published in 2000

·         Presidents Research Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences (2001)

·         Prix du Québec (2000)

·         Northern Telecom Canadian Studies Travelling Scholarship (1987)

Visiting Professorships & Fellowships


·         Ambassador’s Chair, KU Leuven, Belgium (2019-2020)

·         Nida Professor of Translation Studies (2016)

·         Visiting Professorship in Specialised Communication (Translation Studies), KU Leuven (Antwerp campus) (2015)

·         LABEX Arts H2H Visiting Professorship, Université Paris 8 (2014)

·         Adjunct Professor/ProfesseurAssocié, Universy of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (2004-2006)

·         CETRA Professor of Translation Studies (2004)

·         Honorary Visiting Professorship. Universidad Ricardo Palma. Lima, Peru (conferred 26 March 2001)

·         Albert College Senior Research Fellowship (2000-2001)


Trinity College Dublin

·         Director, Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation (2018-present)

·         Head, Department of French, Trinity College Dublin (2018-2019)

Dublin City University

·         Director, Centre for Translation and Textual Studies, Dublin City University (2002-2011)

·         Dean, Joint Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dublin City University (2000-2005)

Funded Research Projects

Principal investigator

Ireland in the World Project (2009-2011)

Ran for three years with a budget of €390,000. The project is funded under the Government of Ireland Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions scheme and is run as part of a ForasFeasa initiative within the framework of Humanities Serving Irish Society (HSIS). The aim of the project is to investigate in depth three sets of translation relationships: Irish-Finnish relationships (20th century); Irish-Polish relationships (19th and 20th centuries) and French-Irish relationships (19th century).


TRASNA project (2005-2008)

Received a €190,000 major projects research grant from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The TRASNA project comprises an online bibliography of Irish literature in translation and online biographies of translators of Irish literature.  The bibliography now comprises 15,000 entries on over 350 writers in more than 60 languages. It is the largest national translation bibliography of its kind in the world. The biographical database contains over 250 biographies and is the only translation biographical



Single Author

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12.  Translating Ireland: Translation, Languages and Identity, Cork University Press, 1996.

Translations of Monographs

1.      La traduzionenell'eradigitale, Milano: MorelliniEditore, 2019

2.      Translation in the Digital Age (Arabic Translation), Riyadh: King Saud University Press, 2017.

3.      Przekład w epocecyfrowej, Kraków: WydawnictwoUniwersytetuJagiellońskiego, 2016. (Polish translation of Translation in the Digital Age)

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8.      Μετάφpaσn&Πaykoσμloπoίnσn, Athens, Daivlos, 2007. (Greek translation of Translation and Globalization)

Edited Collections

1.      Transforming Ireland: Challenges, critiques, resources, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009.

2.      The Languages of Ireland, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2003.

3.      Irish Tourism: Image, Culture and Identity, Clevedon, Channel View Publications, 2003.

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7.      Tourism in Ireland: A Critical Analysis, Cork University Press, 1993.

Co-edited Journals

·         Special issue on ‘The City as Translation Zone’, Translation Studies, volume 7, number 2, May 2014 (with Sherry Simon).

Refereed Articles & Book Chapters

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‘Interspecies communication and translation: why we need to talk to animals’. Guest lecture. Départment d’études françaises. Concordia University. Montreal, Canada.  

2016 (NOV) Ottawa, Canada

‘The Call of the Wild? Translation, Earthlings and Other Creatures’. Keynote address. Conference on Translation and Minority. School of Translation and Interpretation. University of Ottawa, Canada.

2016 (NOV) Muscat, Oman

‘Food for Translation Thoughts’. Keynote address. 3rd International Conference on

Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat,


2016 (OCT) Dublin

Agallamhpoiblí  lehAlexHijmans. Imram Irish-language literature festival, Dublin.

2016 (OCT) Dublin

‘EiceolaíochtChrénaCille’. CrénaCille: Comhdháil 2. Trinity Centre for Literary

Translation. Dublin.

2016 (OCT) Dublin

‘Is breagh an focal é, neamh-spleáchas, ach céaige go bhfuilsé: An Gúmagus an

ComhthéacsEorpach’. Comdháil ‘An Gúm 1926-2016’. University College Dublin.

2016 (SEP) Cork

‘Pádraig de Brún and the Equations of Translation’. Guest Lecture. Symposium on

Translating European Literature into Irish in the Free State.Translation in the Free

State. University College Cork.

2016 (SEP) Uberlândia, Brazil

‘Translation in the Age of the Anthropocene’. Keynoteaddress. ENTRAD. XII

Encontro Nacional de Tradutores e VI Encontro Internacional de Tradutores. UFU

Uberlândia, Brazil.

2016 (SEP) Cork

‘The Dilemma of the Moderns: translation, ecology and new world orders’. Guest

lecture. International workshop on Translation and Activism. University College


2016 (MAY) Naples, Italy

Translation and Sustainability in the Age of the Anthropocene’. Keynote address. 4th Forum on Theories and Realities in Translation. UniversitàSuorOrsalaBenincasa, Napoli, Italy.

2016 (APR) Budapest, Hungary

‘The Concept of Eco-Translation’. PéterPazmány University. Budapest, Hungary.

2016 (JAN) Dublin

‘Tionchar an ÉiríAmach Thar Lear’. ScoilGheimridh Merriman, St. Patrick’s

College, Dublin City University.

2015 (SEP) Cork‘From Vivid Faces to Frozen Masks? Remembering to Forget in Late Modern Ireland’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Commemoration: Contexts and Concepts. University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology

2015 (SEP) Aberystwyth, Wales

‘Minority Reports: Travel, Language and the Politics of Microspection’.  Keynote  lecture. Conference on Minority Cultures and Travel, National Library of Wales.

2015 (SEP) Vigo, Spain

‘The Transitional Age? translation, mobility, hospitality and the posthuman future’, Keynote lecture. First International Conference on Atlantic Communities, University of Vigo, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Porto.

2015 (OCT) Prešov, Slovakia

‘Translation and Post-National Identity in the Post-National Age’. Keynote lecture.Conference on Mirrors of Translation studies II Translation & Interpreting Shifts: Identity Shifts. University of Prešov, Slovakia.

2015 (JUN) Belfast

“This changes everything? Translation and Ecology”. Keynote lecture. Second International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting.Queen’s University Belfast.

2015 (JUN) Dublin

‘Towards an Ecology of Attention: Faith, Hope and Clarity in the Age of Anthropocene’. Keynote lecture. Milltown Institute, Dublin.

2015 (MAY) Liège, Belgium

‘Vers une écologie politique de la traduction’. Keynote lecture. Colloque Traduction et Politique. Université de Liège, Belgium.

2015 (APR) Antwerp, Belgium

‘Translation and Sustainability in the Age of the Anthropocene’

‘Translation, Migration and Digital Connectivity’.

Guest Lectures. CETRA Symposium on Translation in a Flat Earth Society: an obvious paradox? KU Leuven (Antwerp Campus).

2015 (APR) London, England

‘Eating Our Words: Books, burgers and the biosphere’. Keynote lecture. Cultural Literacy in Europe Conference. Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities.

2015 (FEB) Galway

‘The Empire Talks Back: Translation Tales for the Coming Times’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Word-Bridges; Translation in Ireland 1700-1900’

2014 (DEC) Geneva, Switzerland

‘Digital Meanings and Translation Futures’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Translated Meaning. University of Geneva Switzerland & New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation, Victoria University of Wellington.

2014 (OCT) Manchester, England

‘The Connected Migrant: Translation and Mobility in the Digital Age’. Guest Lecture. CTIS Seminar. University of Manchester.

2014 (OCT) Dublin

‘AgallamhPoiblí le Pádraic Breathnach’. Imram Irish-language literary festival.

2014 (SEP) Bordeaux, France

‘La traduction à l’ère de l’anthropocène’. Guest lecture. ‘La puissance du mineur’ seminarseries. Université Bordeaux-Montaigne.

2014 (SEP) Carlow College

‘Dublin and its Suburbs: the sum of its parts? Plenary lecture. Encircling Worlds: Imagining Irish Suburbia Conference.

2014 (JUN) Braga, Portugal

‘The Translation Age?’ Keynote lecture. 6th Hands On Translation Conference. Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.

2014 (JUN) Paris, France

‘A New Ecology for Translation? Collaboration and Resilience’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Collaborative Translation: from Antiquity to the Internet. IATIS Regional Workshop. Université Paris 8.

2014 (MAY) Bologna, Italy

‘Cooking the Books: translation and the great transformation’. Keynote lecture. First International Conference on Food and Translation. University of Bologna, Forlì, Italy

2014 (MAY) Paris, France

‘Translation goes to Hollywood’. 7th Hybrid Conference. Labex Arts H2H. École Normale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France.

2014 (MAR) Cork

‘From Brunelleschi to Deleuze: What’s wrong with translation?’ Guest lecture. Department of French. University College Cork.


2014 (FEB) Sligo

‘ObjectFutures?TheRecoveryofPossibilityinthePosthuman'. Plenary Address. Annual Conference of the Anthropological Association of Ireland.

2013 (DEC) Paris, France

‘Représenter l’exil: le sujet’. Guest lecture. Séminaire – Les (non)lieux de l’exil. Maison des sciences de l’homme. Paris, France

2013 (NOV) Paris, France

‘The Geopolitics of Translation in the Digital Age’. TRACT SeminarSeries. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.

2013 (NOV) Glasgow, Scotland

‘Building Bridges? Translation and Minority’. Invited lecture. Reconciling Voices: Translation and Alliance Formation/Fragmentation. University of Stirling.

2013 (OCT) Poblet, Spain

‘Translation and the Third Culture’. Keynote lecture. Annual Conference of Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET), Poblet, Spain.

2013 (SEP) Brussels, Belgium

'The Company of Strangers: Digital Transnationalism and Migrant Futures'. Plenary lecture. Conference on "Bearing Across: Translating Literary Narratives of Migration". Free University Brussels.

2013 (AUG) Berne, Switzerland

‘Expanding Worlds? Translation and the Challenge of Microspection’. Plenary Lecture. International Conference of the European Rural History Organization. University of Berne.

2013 (JUL) Maynooth

‘Dublin Babel’. Guest Lecture. Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania and National University of Ireland Maynooth Summer School on National & Transnational Cultural Flows & Place.

2013 (JUN) Dublin

‘Ireland’s Disappeared: Suicide and Austerity’. Lecture. Conference of International Association for Media and Communications Research. Dublin City University.

2013 (JUN) Luxembourg

‘La traduction en irlandais au travers des siècles’. Guest Lecture. Irish Days. DG Translation. European Commission. Luxembourg.

2013 (JUN) Brussels, Belgium

‘La traduction en irlandais au travers des siècles’. Guest Lecture. Irish Days. DG Translation. European Commission. Brussels.

2013 (MAY) Birmingham, England

‘From Florentine Domes to Digital Dublin: Is Translation Nothing but the Same Old Story’. Translation Studies Forum. University of Birmingham.

2013 (MAY) Cork

‘Transgressive Possibilities’. Plenary Lecture. Theory and Philosophy Summer School. University College Cork & University of Limerick.

2013 (APR) Canada

‘Digital Doublin’: Translating the Cybercity’. Workshop on Cities in Translation. Co-hosted by Concordia University, Dublin City University and University College London.

2013 (MAR) Leeds, England

'Translation, Digital Humanism and Conviviality'. Guest Lecture. Department of Modern Languages. University of Leeds.


2013 (MAR) Dublin

‘TuireamhnahÉireann – cuntasnua do phobalnua?’. Léacht Nollaig UíGhadhra. Conradh na Gaeilge. BaileÁthaCliath.

2013 (JAN) Belfast

‘Translation in Turmoil? From Scribal Pasts to Digital Futures’. School of Modern Languages. Queen’s University Belfast.

2012 (NOV) Dublin

‘Translation in the Digital Age’. Keynote lecture. 8th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting (IPCITI). Dublin City University.

2012 (OCT) Dublin

Public Interview with Louis de Paor. Imram - Irish Language. Literary Festival.

2012 (JUN) Canterbury, England

'Translation in the Digital Age'. Keynote lecture. International Conference on Translation and Comparative Law. University of Kent, Canterbury, England.

2012 (JUN) Tokyo, Japan

'No Direction Home? Translation and the Limits to Globalisation'. Guest Lecture. Rikkyo Graduate School of Communication, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan.

2012 (MAY) New York, USA

‘Translation and Intransitivity’. Invited lecture. Conference on the Pedagogies of Translation. Barnard College

2012 (MAR) Leuven, Belgium

‘Ireland’s Fractal Futures: Mobility, Culture and Possibility’. Invited lecture. Leuven Centre for Irish Studies Workshop on Cultures of Irish Travel.

2012 (FEB) New Haven CT, USA

‘A Bridge Too Far: Alien Translations’. Invited lecture. Conference on The Dialects and Dialectics of Subtitling: Graphing Language Matters in Film. Yale University.

2012 (FEB) Cairo, Egypt

‘Global Perspectives on Translation’; ‘Translation in the Digital Age’. Inaugural Lectures for the House of Translation under the auspicies of the Minstry of Culture, Egypt and the Centre for Translation Studies, American University in Cairo.

2012 (FEB) Dublin

‘Captive Minds and the Tyranny of Transparency: The Imperatives of Change’. Conference on the Idea of the University in the 21st Century. Trinity College Dublin.

2011 (OCT) Paris, France

‘La Tour de BaBulles: traduction, proximité et distance dans l’Europe contemporaine’. Keynote lecture. Forum sur la traduction littéraire. Société des Gens de Lettres.

2011 (OCT) Dublin

Public Interview with Alan Titley. Imram Irish-language literary festival. Teachers’ Club. Dublin.

2011 (OCT) Pusan, Korea.

‘Humanities, Translation and the Politics of Microspection’. Keynote lecture. International conference on Trans-Humanities. Pusan National University, Korea.

2011 (SEPT) Warwick, England

‘”The Perpetual Ideal of Astonishment” – translation, local sites and global ways.’ Guest Lecture. Across the World: Literature, Travel, Translation – A Symposium in Honour of Susan Bassnett. University of Warwick, England.

2011 (SEPT) Berlin, Germany

‘The Translator's Visibility: Cinema, Mobility and Language Difference’. Keynote lecture. Mehrsprachigkeitim Kino des 21. Jahrhunderts. Romanistentag. Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

2011 (SEPT) Manchester, England

‘Islands and Shipwrecks’. Keynote lecture. Conference of European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies in co-operation with British Association for Irish Studies. University of Salford.

2011 (AUG) Helsinki, Finland

‘The 3T Vision : Tools, Translation, Transmission’. Keynote lecture. Helsinki Poetics Conference 2011: Transmission. House of Science and Letters, Helsinki, Finland.

2011 (MAY) Cork

‘Representations of Fear’. Guest lecture. Theory and Philosophy Summer School. University College Cork and University of Limerick.

2011 (APR) Dublin

‘Fear and Loathing in the Republic: Why Hope Matters’. Conference on Broken Faith: Re-visioning the Church in Ireland. Milltown Institute. Dublin.

2011 (MAR) Cork

‘No Rest for the Wiki: Viritual Translators and Minority’. Symposium of Invisible Borders: Rethinking Translation and Minority. Department of Hispanic Studies. University College Cork.

2010 (NOV) Gdánsk, Poland

‘The Virtual Translator’. Guest Lecture. University of Gdánsk, Poland.

2010 (OCT) Dublin

Public interview with writer AzousBégag. Alliance Française Dublin.

2010 (SEP) Naples, Italy

 ‘Bringing It All Back Home? The New Topologies of Translation in Europe’. Homelands in TranslationSummer School.Halle – Oxford – Naples – Copenhagen (2008-2011) Project Università di Napoli, “Federico II”. EU Project “Europe as a Space of Translation” (EACEA Culture 2007-2011). Isola di Proceed (Napoli)
13th -19th September 2010

2010 (SEP) Dublin

Public Interview with writer Biddy Jenkinson. Imram Irish-Language Literary Festival. National Library Dublin.

2010 (AUG) Ennis

‘Educate that you may be free? Religion and Critical Thinking in Post-Boom Ireland’. MerrimanSummerSchool. Ennis, Clare.

2010 (MAY) Liège, Belgium

‘Traduire la diversité. Diversifier la traduction.’ Conference on ‘Traduire la diversité’. Uniiversité de Liège.

2010 (MAY) Dublin

‘An GhaeilgeagusCultúr na hInbhuanaitheachta’. Aoi-léacht/Guest Lecture. Seimineár. An MeithealStráitéiseTaighdeagusTionscnaimh/Conradh na Gaeilge/Comhar.

2010 (MAY) Cork

‘Translocal Perspectives on Translation’.

‘Agora: Towards a Transformative Politics.’

Guest lectures. Theory and Philosophy Summer School. University College Cork.

2010 (APR) Cardiff

‘Border Controls: translation, travel and the decline of diversity’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Translating (at) the Border. School of European Studies and the Cardiff Humanities Research Institute

2010 (MAR) Dublin

‘The Spaces of Translation’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Translation and Philosophy. University College Dublin.

2010 (FEB) Maynooth

‘On Transparency or Why the Humanities Do Not Count’. Guest Lecture. Department of English. National University of Ireland Maynooth.

2009 (DEC) Bucharest, Romania

‘Translation in the New Century: translation, mediation, migration’. Keynote lecture. Conference on Translators as Cultural Mediators between the Global and the Local’. Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity. University of Bucharest, Romania.

2009 (DEC) Dún Laoghaire

‘Why Opacity Matters’. Seminar on the Humanities in a Time of Crisis. Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire.

2009 (NOV) Brescia, Italy

‘Tourism, Polylingualism and Identity in the 21st Century’. Keynotelecture. Conference on Cultural Tourism. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Brescia.

2009 (OCT) Seoul, Korea

‘Translation and the Global City’. Keynote lecture. 10th Anniversary Conference of the Korean Association of Translation Studies. Sookmyung Women’s University

2009 (SEP) Galway

‘Translation goes to Hollywood’. Guest Lecture. Huston School of Film & Digital Media, National University of Ireland, Galway.

2009 (SEP) Dublin

Public interview with Micheál Ó Conghaile. Imram: Irish Language Literature Festival. Irish Writers’ Centre.

2009 (SEP) Dublin

‘Berliners Meeting Bostonians or Why Translation Matters’. Keynote lecture. Conference on ‘Not Lost in Translation: Publishing German-Language Literature in Ireland’. Goethe-Institut Ireland.

2009 (JUN) Dublin

‘Believe it or not? Ireland, Secularism and the “Crisis” of European Secularism’. International Conference on ‘”A Secular Age”: Tracing the Contours of Religion and Belief’. Mater Dei Institute, Dublin.

2009 (MAY) Dublin

‘Translation, Migration, Mediation’. Guest lecture. First Community Interpreting Research Seminar in Ireland. Dublin City University.

2009 (MAY) Maynooth

‘Dressed to Kill? Translation, Mediation and Censorship’. Master class on Translation and Censorship. ForasFeasa, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

2009 (MAY) Coimbra, Portugal

‘Translation and the New World Order’. Embassy of Ireland Lecture. University of Coimbra.

2009 (MAY) Lisbon, Portugal

‘Gael Force? The Irish Language in Contemporary Ireland’. Embassy of Ireland Lecture. University of Lisbon.

2009 (APR) Tampere, Finland

‘Translocal Perspectives: Towards a Translation Politics of Micro-Modernity’. Keynote lecture. VII Symposium on Translation and interpreting. University of Tampere.

2009 (MAR) Brussels, Belgium

‘Translation and Translator Training in a Globalised World’. Keynote lecture. 3rd DGT-Universities Conference, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

2009 (MAR) Maynooth

‘Scannánaíochtagusaistriúchán’. Guest Lecture. RoinnnaGaeilge. National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

2009 (MAR) Belfast

‘Translating Hollywood: Identity, Difference and Globalization’. Guest Lecture. LLAS Globalisation Conference for Undergraduate Students, University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

2009 (MAR) Vancouver, Canada

Guest lecture. ‘Forking tongues: travelling through translation’. Conference on Translation and Authority. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

2008 (DEC) Maynooth

‘Who Fears to Speak in the New Europe? Plurilingualism and the Threat of Alterity’. Colloquium on Questioning the European ‘Crisis of Multiculturalism.’ National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

2008 (DEC) Bangor, Wales

‘Seeing is not Believing: Translation goes to Hollywood’. Annual Translation in Context Lecture. University of Bangor, Wales.

2008 (NOV) Prague, Czech Republic

‘The Politics of Accent in Ireland’. Guest Lecture. Charles University, Prague, Czexh Republic.

2008 (OCT) Dublin

‘Inside Out: Space, time and diversity in Late Modern Ireland’. Guest Lecture. Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin.

2008 (OCT) Roscommon

‘The Politics of Belonging: Language, Place and Society in Post-Boom Ireland’. 2nd Annual Douglas Hyde Lecture. Douglas Hyde Conference. Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon.

2008 (SEP) Montreal, Canada

‘Ireland’s Small Worlds: the poetics of fractions’. Guest Lecture. Centre for Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

‘La ville, zone de traduction’. Guest Lecture. Département d’études françaises, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

‘From Hypermodernity to Multiple Worlds’. Guest Lecture. Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture at the University of Victoria, Canada.

‘Voyages vers l’intérieur’. Guest lecture. Département d’études françaises, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

2008 (JUL) Halle, Germany

‘The City as Translation Zone’. Guest Lecture. Summer School in Cultural Translation. Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. University of Halle, Germany.

2008 (JUN) Cardiff, Wales

‘Moving the Picture of Translation in a Global Age’. Keynote lecture. Cultures of Translation: Conference on Adaptation in Film and Performance. University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, Wales.

2008 (JUL) Manchester, England

‘Translation and the Bigger Picture’. Keynote Lecture. Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies Postgraduate Conference. University of Manchester, England.

2008 (JUN) Dublin

‘The Translator’s Visibility or How Others See Us’. Keynote lecture. 4th International Postgraduate Translation Studies Conference. Dublin City University, Ireland.

2008 (MAY) Vaasa, Finland

‘Changing Places: Space, Time and Diversity in Contemporary Ireland’. Keynote lecture. Nordic Irish Studies Conference. University of Vaasa, Finland.

2008 (MAY) Dublin

‘The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Place in Global Ireland’. Ireland and Globalisation Seminar. National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies and Humanities Institute of Ireland.

2008 (MAR) Maynooth

‘Teaching Translation in the New Century’. Keynote lecture. International Conference on Translation and Second Language Acquisition. National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

2008 (FEB) Durham, England

‘Aspects of Translation and Globalisation’. Translation Research Seminar. University of Durham, England.

2007 (November) Aarhus

‘Dyoublong? The Languages of Globalisation’. Keynote lecture. Matchpoints Conference. University of Aarhus, Denmark.

2007 (OCT) Limerick

‘New Worlds for Old: Language, Mobility, Identity’. Conference on ‘Voyage, Espaces, Captivité (1650-1850)’. University of Limerick.

2007 (OCT) Dublin

‘Active Citizenship: political reality or rhetorical ploy’. NorDubCo Seminar Series. Dublin City University.

2007 (OCT) Barcelona, Spain

‘Lost in Translation Studies? Hollywood and the Question of Language’. Inaugural LectureforAcademicYear 2007-2008. Facultat de Traducció i Interpretació, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

2007 (OCT) Taillight

‘Rebel Spirits? Franco-Irish Perspectives on the Penal State’. Keynote lecture. National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies 1st International Postgraduate Conference. Institute of Technology Tallaght.

2007  (MAY) Forlì, Italy

‘Translation in Our Time: Local Voices, Global Movements’. Keynote lecture. Third International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia. University of Bologna.

2007  (APR) Dublin

‘Reading and Writing the Everyday’. M.Phil in Creative Writing Guest Seminar. Oscar Wilde Centre for Creative Writing. Trinity College Dublin.

2007 (MAR) Toronto, Canada.

‘Think Global/Speak Local: Language Perspectives for the 21st Century’. Guest Lecture. St. Michael’s College. University of Toronto.

2006 (JAN) Corfu, Greece

‘The Importance of Being Speranza: Translation, History and National Identity’. Guest Lecture. Ionian University, Corfu, Greece.

2006 (JAN) Barcelona, Spain

‘Currencies of Exchange: Literature, Translation and the Future of European Diversity’. Guest lecture. University of Barcelona.

2006 (DEC) Warwick, England

‘A Place in the Sun? Language, Denizenship and Mobility. Invited lecture. AHRC

Diasporas, Migration and Identities Workshops series. Department of Italian, University

of Warwick. 

2006 (DEC) Dublin

‘The World Next Door: Travels in the Infra-Ordinary’. Symposium on the Works of Marc Augé. Humanities Institute of  Ireland, University College Dublin.

2006 (OCT) Galway

‘Glocal Denizens: Languages and the Right to Know’. Guest lecture. Association for Third Level Teachers of German. National University of Ireland, Galway.

2006 (SEP) Nagoya, Japan

‘Small Worlds and Weak Ties: Ireland in the New Century’. Guest lecture. 23rd IASIL JapanConference. Aichi Shukutoku University, Nagoya, Japan.

2006 (JUL) Lorient, France

‘Translating Places: The Future of Diversity’. Guest Lecture. Conference on ‘Translation and Communities’. Université de Bretagne-Sud, Lorient, Bittany, France.

2006 (JUN) Karlskrona, Sweden

‘Translation and Cosmopolitan Futures’

‘The Word was made Flesch: Translation and Conflict’

Guest Lectures. Swedish Graduate Summer School of Literature and Literary Theory. Blekinge TekniskaHögskola, Karlskrona.

2006 (APR) Dublin

‘Voyage chez les minoritaires: le défi d’une traduction’. Craig Dobbin Seminar Series on Minority Voices. Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin.

2006 (APR) Liverpool, England

‘Shadow Boxing: Control, Dissent and the Tyranny of Things’. Charles Bonnier Lecture 2006. School of Modern Languages, university of Liverpool.

2006 (MAR) Cork

‘Les rhétoriques de la mobilité: l’Irlande, la France et l’Europe au XXè siècle’. Plenary lecture. Second Franco-Irish Conference. University College Cork.

2006 (MAR) Maynooth

‘The Trials of the Translator: Emoting on Screen’. Plenary Lecture. Conference on Translation and Emotion. National University of Ireland Maynooth.

2006 (FEB) Maynooth

‘The Future of Irish Studies’. Guest Lecture. Inaugural Meeting of the Association for 20th Century Irish Studies. National University of Ireland Maynooth.

2006 (JAN) Galway

‘The Irish Language and Globalisation’. Guest Lecture. National University of Ireland Galway.

2006 (JAN) Hong Kong

‘Translation and the New Cosmopolitanism’. Invited lecture. Conference on New Theoretical Horizons in Translation Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2005 (NOV) Dublin

‘De-Regulating Ireland: Smokers, the State and the States’. Guest Lecture. Boston College, Dublin and Clinton Institute, UCD Lecture Series on the Americanization of Ireland.

2005 (NOV) Belfast

‘The Future of Diversity’. Guest Lecture. Cultural Encounter Group, Queen’s University Belfast.

2005 (NOV) Oporto, Portugal

‘Strange Attractors: Literature in a Glocal Age’. Plenary Lecture. International Conference on Moving worlds and Texts. Instituto de LiteraturaComparada, University of Oporto, Portugal.

2005 (NOV) Dublin

‘Calvino in Ireland: The Reader, The Writer and the Critic’. Calvino Study Day, Trinity College Dublin.

2005 (OCT) Dublin

‘Is There a Future for the Humanities in Ireland?’ Guest lecture. Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin.

2005 (SEP) Wolverhampton, England

‘Travels in Tongues: Language, Translation and Difference’. Plenary lecture. Conference on Literature Travels: Literature and Cross-cultural Exchange, British Comparative Literature Association and the University of Wolverhampton, University of Wolverhampton, England.

2005 (JUL) Sheffield, England

‘The Towers of Babel: Performing Language Difference’. Plenary Lecture. Conference on Tourism and Performance: Scripts, Stages and Stories. Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, England.

2005 (MAY) Rome, Italy

‘Shakespeare’s Other Island: Translation and the Politics of Proximity’. Plenary lecture. Conference on Shakespeare and Rome: Identity, Otherness, Empire. UniversitàdegliStudi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy.

2005 (APR) Belfast

‘Laying Down Routes: Translation and the Dynamics of Belonging’. Plenary lecture. Conference on Place and Cultural Translation. Queen’s University, Belfast.

2005 (MAR) Montréal, Québec, Canada

‘Translation and Cosmopolitanism’. Plenary Lecture.  Conference on Odyssée de la traductologie/Voyages in Translation Studies, Concordia University, Québec, Canada.

2005 (MAR) Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

‘Linguistic Diversity and Literary Translation in an Enlarged Europe’. Plenary Lecture. Conference on Translating Canada enTraduction: Les marges respondent/The Margins Talk Back. Université de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

2005 (MAR) Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

 ‘Les travers du monde: pour une minorisation de la mondialisation’. Guest Lecture. Under the auspices of La Chaire de recherche du Canada en analyse littéraire interculturelle, le Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les cultures en contact

and the Département d'études françaises

2005 (MAR) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

‘After Babel: The New Languages of Ireland’. Guest Lecture. St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2005 (FEB) Edinburgh, Scotland

‘The Intercultural Turn in Translation Studies: Paradigm or Promise?’. Guest Lecture co-sponsored by Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh.

2005 (JAN) Tarragona, Spain

‘Playing with Translation’. Guest Lecture. UniversitatRovira i Virigili, Tarragona, Spain.

2005 (JAN) Galway

‘Holograms, Cosmopolites and Tipping Points: Windows on Europe’. Conference on Borders and Margins: (Re)defining Space and Place in European Literary and Cultural Discourses. National University of Ireland, Galway.

2004 (NOV) Salford, England

‘Global Agency and Local Resistance: A Microcosmopolitan Perspective’. Keynote lecture. Confrence on Translation and Conflict. University of Salford.

2004 (NOV) Lisbon, Portugal

‘The Living Poetic: Irish-European Literary Relationships in the Twentieth Century’. Guest lecture. Centre for Comparative Studies, University of Lisbon.

2004 (NOV) Oporto, Portugal

‘The Importance of Being Speranza’. Keynote lecture. Seminar on Ireland, Memory, Translation, University of Oporto,

2004 (OCT) Monaco

‘Babbelers’ Thangas: Microcosmopolitan Perspectives on the Translation Island’. Invited lecture. Symposium on Critical Discourse in Modern Ireland, Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco.

2004 (SEP) Lisbon, Portugal

(with Michelle Woods and Rita McCann) ‘Ireland in the World: Translation, Nation, Identity’. International Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies, University of Lisbon.

2004 (MAY) Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

‘Babel ÁthaCliath: The Languages of Dublin’. Keynote lecture. Canadian Association of Irish Studies. St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

2004 (APR) Coventry, England

‘Translation, Information, Globality’. Invited panelist. International Symposium on the Languages of Global News. Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick.

2004 (APR) Dublin, Ireland

‘Le bon Usage de la Mondialisation? Du macroscope au microcosme’. Keynote lecture. Annual Conference of the Association of Lecturers in French in Institutes of Technology (ALFIT), Institute of Technology, Tallaght.

2004 (MAR) Dublin, Ireland

‘Translation, Complexity and the Entropic Paradox’. Keynote address. First Dublin City University Postgraduate Conference in Translation Studies.

2004 (MAR) Galway, Ireland

‘On the Beaten Track: Writing the Irish Everyday’. Guest Lecture. Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland Galway.

2004 (MAR) Killarney, Ireland

‘Bringing Europe to Book? The Promotion of Literary and Cultural Diversity through Literature’. Keynote address. Seminar on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. Irish Presidency of 2004 European Union.

2004 (FEB) Derry, Northern Ireland

‘The Politics of Irish Studies’. New Voices Conference, Academy of Irish Heritages, University of Ulster.

2003 (DEC) Utrecht, Holland

‘The Bards and the Bards: Shakespeare, Translation, Identity’. Invited Lecture. International Conference on Shakespeare and European Politics, University of Utrecht.


2003 (NOV) Dublin, Ireland

(with Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin and Michelle Woods), ‘The World in Ireland: The Trasna Project’. Library Association of Ireland Rare Books Group. Conference on Ireland and the European Book Trade, Royal Irish Academy.

2003 (NOV) Coventry, England

‘Interpreters in Conflict: The Irish Case’. Guest Lecture. Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies. University of Warwick.

2003 (NOV) Ennis, Ireland

‘How Things Have Changed in Ireland Over The Past Ten Years’.  Guest Lecture. Conference on ‘Global Aspirations and the Reality of Change’, Céifin

 Institute, Ennis, Co. Clare.

2003 (OCT) Paris, France

‘Double Take: Figuring the Other and the Politics of Translation’.

Guest lecture. Journée d’Étude Internationale, ‘Traduire la figure du style’, Centre de recherche en traduction et communication transculturelle, Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle.

2003 (OCT) Dublin, Ireland

‘Translation and Globalization’. Presentation. Round Table on Translation. Critical Voices series, Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival.

2003 (SEP) Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)

‘L’Irlande dans tous ses états’. Guest Lecture under the auspices of the ‘Chaire de recherche du Canada en analyse littéraire interculturelle’ and the ‘Projet Métropolis en Atlantique’

‘Le Macroscope des Microcosmes’. Guest lecture & doctoral seminar.

2003 (JUN) London, England

‘Double Crossing: Science, Interculturality and Translation’. Workshop on Cross-Cultural Translation in Theory and Practice, Centre for Asian and African Literatures, SOAS and University College London.

2003 (MAY) Forlì, Italy.

‘Translation, History and Clonialism’. Keynote lecture. Conference on ‘Constructing Identities’. Università di Bologna (Forlì)

2003 (MAR) Helsinki, Finland.

‘At Home in the World: Ireland and Micro-Cosmopolitanism’. Guest Lecture. Renvall Institute, University of Helsinki.

2003 (MAR) Orléans, France.

‘Interpreting Ireland’. Keynote Lecture. Annual Conference of the Société Françaised’ÉtudesIrlandaises.

2003 (FEB) Manchester, England

‘Translators in the New Century: Networking the World?’. UMIST Annual Translation Studies Lecture. University of Manchester.

2002 (DEC) Dublin, Ireland

‘The Exosomatic Translator’. Keynote lecture. ‘Occasion of Translation’ Conference, Trinity College Dublin.

2002 (NOV) Maynooth, Ireland

‘The Politics of Acceleration’. Research Seminar, Departments of Anthropology and Sociology, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

2002 (OCT) Istanbul, Turkey

‘Les outils pour le dire: Traduction, transmission et interculturalité’. Keynote lecture. 2nd International Colloquium on Translation, Yildiz Technical University.


2002 (OCT) Dublin, Ireland

‘The Unbidden Ireland: Materialism, Knowledge and Interculturality’. Guest Lecture. Annual Conference of the Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations.

2002 (SEP) Swansea, Wales

‘Shakespeare, Translation and the Irish Language’. Guest lecture. Conference on Literary Translation into English. University of Wales, Swansea.

2002 (AUG) Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

‘Identité, transmission et l’interculturel: pour une politique de micro-cosmopolitisme’. Guest lecture. Colloque sur les Expériences interculturelles au sein des communautés francophones d’Amérique du Nord, Université de Moncton.

2002 (JUL) Versailles, France

‘Le Bon Usage du Monde: Traduction, voyage, mondialisation’

Keynote lecture. Seuils et Traverses, colloque international sur le récit de voyage.

Université Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

2002 (JUN) Aberdeen, Scotland

‘Next to Being There: Ireland of the Welcomes and the Tourism of the Word’. Keynote lecture. Conference on the Home Tour: Travels in Britain and Ireland, 1750-2000, University of Aberdeen.

2002 (MAY) Dublin

‘Doubled Up: Translation, Writing and ‘Clonialism’. Guest Lecture. Seminar on the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation. Goethe Institute Dublin.

2002 (FEB) Dublin

‘Can the Humanities ignore the Human?’. DCU Joint Faculty of Humanities Conference, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.

2001 (DEC) Leeds, England

‘“Thou shalt be One with the Birds”: Translation, Connexity and the New Global Order’. Keynote lecture. Annual Conference of the International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication.

2001 (SEPT) Essex, England

‘Handy Hints for Helpless Travellers: Language, Risk and Travel’. Guest Lecture. Department of English. University of Essex.

2001 (AUG) Copenhagen, Denmark

‘The Social Relevance of Translation Research’. Round table presentation at European Society of Translation Studies Conference.

2001 (JUL) Dublin

‘Regards d’ailleurs: les voyageurs-écrivains francophones en Irlande’.

Annual Conference of the Society for French Studies. University College Dublin.

2001 (MAY) São Paolo, Brazil

‘From Bytes to Babel: Translators, National Identity and the New Global Economy’. Keynote lecture. Second CIATI Congress on Translation and Interpreting.

2001 (MAY) Galway

‘Halting Sites: Translation, Transmission and History’. Keynote lecture. 25th Irish Conference of Historians. National University of Ireland Galway.

2001 (MAY) Quebec City, Canada

‘On Not Talking to Strangers: Translation, Censorship and Empty Spaces’. Keynote lecture. Annual Conference Canadian Association of Translation Studies.

2001 (MAR) Lima, Peru

‘Translation in a Global Context’. KeynoteLecture. Ier Simposio Internacional de Traducción e Interpretación.

2001 (FEB) Cork

‘The Role of Interpreters and their Willing (and Unwilling) Hosts’. Guest Lecture. Irish Centre for Migration Studies, National University of Ireland Cork.

2000 (DEC) Lyon, France

‘Les murs de la paix: mythographie, identité et religion à Belfast’. Keynote lecture. Colloque Ville et Religions.

2000 (SEPT)  Montréal, Canada

‘Le rachat de l’Irlande: traduction, altérité et origines’. Keynote Lecture. Colloque sur Jacques Ferron.

2000 (JUL) Brest, France

‘Travelling Minorities: Language, Translation and the Global’. Colloque international et pluridisciplinaire sur le récit de voyage.

2000 (MAY) Dublin

‘The Gaelic Chapedelaine: Louis Hémon, Risteárd Ó Foghluadha and Irish State Translation Policy’. Biennial Conference of the Irish Association for Canadian Studies.

2000 (MAY) Saint Malo, France

‘L’écriture-monde’. Guest Lecture. Festival Étonnants-Voyageurs.

2000 (MAR) University of Wales, Gregynog, Wales

‘Spaces between Irish Worlds: Travellers, Translators and the New Accelerators’. Keynote Lecture. Annual Conference of Welsh Literature in English.

2000 (MAR) Newman House, Dublin

‘New Directions in Cultural Studies’. Lecture. AnnualConference of the Société Française des Études Irlandaises.

2000 (FEB) Dublin City University

‘The Chrono-politicisation of Irish Society’. Joint Faculty of Humanities Conference.

1999 (SEPT) Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin

‘Reflections on the Irish Translation Millennium.’ Irish Translators’ Association Annual Translation Day Lecture.

1999 (MAY) Universitat de Vic, Spain

‘After Bitsphere: Hints, Strollers and Applets.’ Conference on Training Translators and Interpreters: New Directions for the Millennium, University of Vic, Spain.

1999 (APR) University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

‘Speed Limits: Ireland, Globalization and the War against Time.’ Annual Keogh Lecture in Irish Popular Culture.

1999 (APR) University of Massachussets, Amherst, USA

‘"The broadest way immarginable": Translation, Peripherality, Polyglossia.’

Guest Lecture.

1999 (JAN) Abbey Theatre, Dublin

‘AistriúagusForbairtDrámaíocht na Gaeilge.’  Conference on ‘StageIrish: AthrúagusAistriú i nDrámaíocht na Gaeilge’.

1999 (JAN) UniversitatAutonòma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

‘Translation, Politics, Resistance.’ Inaugural Lecture, 1998-1999 AcademicYear, Facultat de Traducció i d'Interpració.

1998 (JUN) Université Paris XIII, Villetaneuse, Paris, France

‘No Ma(d)s (Ire)Land: Le traducteur-nomade dans la tradition irlandaise.’ Guest lecture. Journée scientifique du D.E.A. de Psychopathologie et Psychanalyse.

1998 (MAY) Faculdade Ibero-Americana, São Paolo, Brazil.

‘Translation and Minority Languages.’ Keynote Lecture. Congresso Ibero-Americano de Tradução e Interpretação.

1998 (APR) University of Salford, England.

‘The Accidental Translator: Travel, Representation and Translation.’ Guest Lecture. European Studies Research Institute Research Seminars on Language.

1998 (MAR) National University of Ireland, Galway.

‘Ireland, Translation and Polyglossia in the Global Age.’ Guest Lecture.

1998 (JAN) Université Blaise-Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France.


‘L’Eire du temps: regards francophones sur l’Irlande’

‘Tourisme, modernisation et post-modernisme’

‘Le tourisme vert: enjeux et perspectives.’

1997 (JUL) Coventry, England

‘The Imperfect Medium: Translators and the Ambivalence of Contact.’ Conference on Translation and Power, University of Warwick, 12-14 July 1997.

1997 (MAY) Montreal

‘Translation, History, Postcolonialism.’ Keynote address. Conference on  Postcolonial Translations: Changing the Terms of  Cultural Transmission. Université de Montréal/University of Concordia.

1997 (MAY) Dublin

‘AistriúagusCaighdeánúTeangan: AnComhthéacsIdirnáisiúnta.’ Seimineár ar aistriúaguscaighdeánú na Gaeilge. Bord naGaeilge.

1997 (MAY) Dublin

‘The English-Language Translation Tradition in Ireland: Some Observations.’ Biennial Conference of the National Asociation for English Studies. St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra.

1997 (MAR) Manchester

‘Stranger Things on Heaven and Earth: Time, Space and Translation.’ Guest Lecture, UMIST.

1996 (MAY) Dublin

‘Translating Travel’, ‘Unity in Diversity?’ International Translation Studies Conference, Dublin City University.

1996 (MAR) Arras, France

‘At the Ends of the Earth: Ireland, Europe and the Oppositional Strategy of Translation’, ColloqueEurope et Traduction, Universitéd’Artois,

1996 (JAN) Geneva, Switzerland

‘After Bellsybabble: Invention, Resistance and Transformation in Translation’, Guest Lecture, Pistes de réflexion et de recherche entraduction series, University of Geneva, January 1996.

1995 (NOV) Maynooth

‘Irish, Translation and Invisibility’, Guest Lecture, ‘Living Language’ Series, Language Centre, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth,  November 1995.

1995 (OCT) Tallinn, Estonia

‘The Living Dead: The Irish Language and Cultural Policy’, Guest Lecture, The British Council/Estonian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia,  September 1995.

1995 (SEP) Dublin

‘Scientific and Technical Translation in Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Present Day’, International Translation Day Lecture, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

1995 (JUN) Maynooth

‘The Towering Inferno: Ireland, Translation and State Policy in the Twentieth Century’, Conference on Culture and the State, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth.

1995 (JUN) Copenhagen

‘Translation History and the Translation Studies Curriculum’, Third Language International Conference, University of Copenhagen.

1995 (APR) Dublin

‘Psychoanalytical Perspectives on Translation.’ Translation Studies Network Research Seminar. Irish Writers' Centre.

1995 (JAN) Cork

‘Travel, Language and Translation Models.’ Guest Lecture, Department of History, University College Cork.

1994 (NOV) Dublin

‘A Change of a Dress: Metaphor, Travesty and Irish Translation Theory.’ Royal Irish Academy Symposium on Modern Languages Studies.

1994 (MAY) Galway

‘Rates of Exchange: Canadian Translation Theories in Context.’ Biennial Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland.

1994 (MAY) Toronto (Canada)

‘A Second-Rate Suburb of England: Travel Writing and the Search for the Real Ireland.’ Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies, Erindale College, University of Toronto.

1994 (MAR) Dublin

‘Semiotic Compensation in Travel Writing.’ International Conference on Travel Literature, University College Dublin.

1994 (JAN) Dublin

‘PeannagusÁr: AnbhfuilGéarchéim Ann igCriticnaGaeilge?’ Research Seminar on Literary Criticism in Irish, Irish Writers' Centre.

1993 (DEC) Cork

‘Observations on Contemporary Translation Theory.’ Guest Lecture, University College Cork.

1993 (MAY) Amsterdam (Holland)

‘Keeping One's Distance: Translation and the Play of Possibility.’ Guest Lecture, Institute of Translation Studies, University of Amsterdam.

1993 (MAR) Dublin

‘Contemporary French Writing in Canada.’ Guest Lecture, Irish Writers' centre.

1993 (FEB) Dublin

‘Georges Perec:La vie mode d'emploi.’ Guest Lecture. French Writers Revisited Series, Alliance Française.

1992 (SEPT) Vienna (Austria)

‘(Re)creation: Is There a Translator in the Text?’ Paper delivered to the International Translation Studies Congress.

1992 (JULY) Dublin

‘Unsentimental Journeys: Contemporary Travel Writing and Ireland.’ Paper delivered to the Conference of the International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature.

1992 (MAY) Belfast

‘The Sceptical Eye: Form and Possibility in Recent French-Canadian Fiction.’ Paper delivered to the Joint Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies/Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland.

1991 (MAY) Cobh

‘Les jeux sont défaits: traduction et ludicité chez Réjean Ducharme et Gérard Bessette.’ Paper delivered to the Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland.

1990 (AUG) Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

(With J. Nolan) ‘Language, Technology and the Network-Based Economy: A Peripheral Perspective.’ Paper delivered to the XIIth World Congress of the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs.

1990 (MAR) Dublin Institute of Technology

‘The Anatomy of Chaos: Translation Theory and the Trainee Translator.’ Paper delivered to the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics/Irish Translators' Association Seminar on Teaching Translation.

1989 (MAY) Galway

‘Child's Play: The Disordered Worlds of Réjean Ducharme and John Banville.’ Paper delivered to the Biennial Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland.

1989 (MAR) University College Dublin

‘Games Readers Play: Ludic Theory and the Literary Classroom.’ Paper delivered to the Seminar on Theory and the Teaching of Literature.

1989 (FEB) University College Cork

‘Translator Training at Third Level.’ Paper delivered to Irish Translators' Association Seminar.

1989 (FEB) Linguistics Institute of Ireland, Dublin.

‘After FéniusFarsaidh: Aspects of Translation in Modern Ireland.’ Guest Lecture, Irish Association of Applied Linguistics.

1988 (OCT) University of Limerick

‘The Interpreter and the Satellite: Videointerpreting at Third Level.’ Paper delivered to the Royal Irish Academy Modern Languages Research Symposium.

1987 (AUG) Maastricht (Holland)

‘Translator Training: Two Cultures Reconciled?’ Paper delivered to the World Congress of the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs.

1986 (APR) St. Patrick's College, Maynooth. ‘Irish Literary Journals 1975-1985: Reflections on the Writer and Critical Culture.’ Paper delivered to the Ireland-Quebec Colloqium on Minority Languages.

1986 (APR) University College Dublin.‘Mental Ludo: Ludic Elements in At Swim-Two-Birds.’ Paper delivered to Flann O'Brien International Symposium


PhD Dissertations (to completion)

2000 Caoimghín Ó Croídheáin,The Ideology of Irish Language Revival

2002 Gavan Titley,Tourism, Ideology and Power in Ireland and St. Lucia

2004 Sylvie Kleinman,The United Irishmen and the French Language

2008 Morwena Denis, The Politics of Translation in Post-Colonial Carribean Francophone and Anglophone Literatures (2008)

2010 Michèle Milan,Found in Translation: French translation in 19th century Ireland

2011 Kieran O'Driscoll,Around the World in Eighty Shifts: Jules Verne in Translation (2011)

2013 Zara Blake, Contrasting Fortunes of African American and Irish-Language Prose Narratives in the 20th Century

2016 Nguyen Nhat Tuan, The Translation of Irish Female Popular Fiction into Vietnamese

2017 Barra Ó Séaghdha,Social and Cultural Perspectives on the History of Irish Art Music 1830-1914

2020 John Gleeson Pour Mémoire: Investigating French History and Memory through Didier Daenickx’sInspecteurCadin series


Post-Doctoral Fellows

1.      Dr Anna Barcz: Landscapes in the Soviet Era: Environmental History and Cultural Memory of 1928-1991. Visiting Research Fellow COFUND Programme 2018-2019.

2.      Dr Michelle Woods: A Comparative Study of Czech and Irish Modernism (2003-2005)

3.      Dr Barry Keane: The Influence of Irish Literature on Polish Resistance Narratives (2009-2011)

4.      Editorships

1.      Editor Routledge New Perspectives in Translation and Interpreting Studies

2.      General Editor, MTM translation journal

3.      Co-Editor, The Irish Review (2006-2015)

4.      Co-Editor, Graph: Irish Cultural Review, 1986-1998 (funded by Arts Council of Ireland)

5.      General Editor DCU Working Papers in Language and Society (6 Working Papers published to date)

Conference & Seminar Organisation

1.      Franco-Irish Literary Festival, 2000-2019.

2.      ‘Cities in Translation’ Workshop. Organised in conjunction with Concordia University (Canada) and University College London (England), 11-13 April 2013.

3.      Celebrating Thinking seminars. Royal Irish Academy, 2-30 March 2010.

4.      Translation, Technology, Nomadism. International Conference organized with Concordia University (Canada), York University (Canada), Université de Rennes 2 (France) and University of Turku (Finland). Concordia University, Montreal, 8-10 March 2007.

5.      The Literary Englishes of Ireland. One day symposium organized by the Committee for Irish Literatures in English. Royal Irish Academy. 6 May 2005.

6.      The Translation Archipelago. One day seminar organised by the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies. Dublin City University, 19 November 2004.

7.      Strangers to Ourselves: The Languages of Ireland. Irish Translators’ Association Millennium Lecture Series 1999-2000 (organised with Dr Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin)

8.      Translation Studies Network(Irish Translators’ Association) Coordinated four seminars in 1994, 1995 and 1999 on different aspects of translation studies (translation teaching, machine translation, translation and minority languages, translation and pscychoanalysis, literary translation)

9.      Dublin City University International Translation Studies Conference, Marino Institute for Education, 9-11 May 1996.

10.  CeardlannAistriúcháin. Irish Writers' Centre. 30 Eanáir 1993.

11.  Translating North. Irish Translators' Association Seminar. Queen's University, Belfast. 7 November 1992.

12.  Translation in the West. Irish Translators' Association Seminar. University College Galway. 7 March 1992.

13.  Media, Language and Translation in the 1990s: The European Challenge. Irish Translators' Association Seminar. Bord naGaeilge, Dublin. 23 February 1991.

Membership of International Advisory Boards

Book Series

Member of the Advisory Board of ‘Literatures, Cultures, Translation’ Series, Bloomsbury


Member of the International Advisory Board, AHRC Project ‘Researching Multilingually at the Borders of the Body, Language and Law and the State’


1.      META (Canada)

2.      Translation Studies (UK/US)

3.      Traduction, Terminologie, Rédaction (TTR)(Canada)

4.      Palimpsestes(France)

5.      Cadernos de Tradução(Brazil)

6.      Tradução e Communicação: Revista Brasileira de Tradutores (Brazil)

7.      Language and Intercultural Communication (UK)

8.      Translation Today (India)

9.      Tourism and Cultural Change (UK)

10.  Chinese Translation Studies (China)

11.  Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies (UK/US)

12.  International Journal of Welsh Writing in English (Wales)

13.  Équivalences(Belgium)

14.  Cogito (Korea)

External Examiner


1.      External Exaniner. MLitt in Comparative Literature. University of Glasgow. 2018-2021.

2.      External Examiner. M.Phil. in Literary Translation. Trinity College Dublin, 2004-2007.

3.      External Examiner. MA in Irish Studies, National University of Ireland Galway, 2004-2006.

4.      External Examiner. MA iStaidéar an Aistriúcháin. National University of Ireland Galway 2002-2004.

5.      External Examiner, MA in Translation Studies, University of Salford, 1997-2001.

6.      External Examiner for the MA in Irish Studies, National University of Ireland Galway, 1996-1998.

7.      External Examiner in Translation. Diplôme Supérieur de la chambre de Commerce de Paris, 1987-1992.


1.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Miami, Florida, USA. 2001.

2.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Limerick. 2001.

3.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University College Cork. 2002.

4.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University College London. 2002.

5.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Trinity College Dublin. 2004.

6.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Wollongong, Australia. 2005.

7.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Leeds Metropolitan University. 2006.

8.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Manchester. 2006.

9.      External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Southampton. 2007.

10.  External Examiner. Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR). Université de Poitiers.

11.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Edinburgh. 2008.

12.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Manchester. 2009.

13.  External Examiner. Tallaght Institute of Technology. Ph.D. thesis. 2009.

14.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Edinburgh. 2009.

15.  External Examiner, Ph.D. thesis. Newcastle University. 2009.

16.  External Examiner, PhD thesis. University College Dublin 2010.

17.  External Examiner Ph.D. thesis. University College Dublin. 2011

18.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Warwick. 2013. 

19.  External Examiner. Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR). Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. 2013.

20.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Universidad de Sevilla, 2014.

21.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Trinity College Dublin, 2016.

22.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Queen’s University Belfast, 2016.

23.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Queen’s University Belfast, 2017.

24.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. University of Ottawa. 2018.

25.  External Examiner. Ph.D. thesis. Université Laval Québec. 2019.

Membership of Boards

1.      Vice-President and Member of International Advisory Board, International Association for Eco-Translatology

2.      Member of Board, Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation, Trinity College Dublin

3.      President – Committee of Heads and Professors of French (2005-2006)

1.      Member of Board, National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies

2.      Chairperson, Board of Poetry Ireland (2010-2011)

3.      Polite Literature and Antiquities Secretary, Royal Irish Academy (2009-2011)

4.      Member of Culture 2025 Expert Group

5.      Council Member of the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) (2004-2011)

6.      Chairperson of the IRCHSS Postdoctoral Review Committee 2008

7.      Chairperson of the IRCHSS Postgraduate Review Committee 2009-2010

8.      Chairperson of the National University of Ireland Centennial Prize Committee for Language, Literature and Linguistics 2009

9.      Member of Royal Irish Academy Working Group on the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Knowledge Society 2005-2006

10.  Member of the Main Board of Art and Architecture in Ireland

11.  Member of International Advisory Board of the Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages

12.  Member of the Board of ForasFeasa, National University of Ireland Maynooth

13.  Member of Board, Irish Humanities Alliance.

14.  Member of the Board of Humanities Serving Irish Society (HSIS)

15.  Member of Advisory Group of Experts, Literary Translation Pilot Scheme, DGX, 1992-1994.

16.  IRAAL Correspondent to AILA Scientific Commission on Translation, 1988-1990.

17.  Member of COST panel of experts, 2013.

18.  Jury Senior, Institut Universitaire de France, 2010-2011

19.  Member of International Peer Review Group, SITLEC, University of Bologna, 2005.

20.  Member of the Scientific Committee «Sciences Humaines et Sociales» of the AgenceNationale de la Recherche, France, 2004-2006.

21.  Member of the European Jury for the Aristeion Translation Prize, 1998 and 1999


1.      Member, Jury for Rooney Prize for Literature, 2019-present.

2.      Chair, Jury for Michel Déon Prize, Royal Irish Academy and the Académie française, 2018.

3.      (With Liam Mac Cóil and Jürgen Schneider) Literature without Frontiers: Irish Literary Translation in the European Context/LitríochtganTeorainn: An tAistriúLitearthaÉireannachigComhthéacsnahEorpa. Report commissioned by the Arts Council and RoinnnaGaeltachta, December 1990. Responsible for acquiring funding which led to the establishment of the Ireland Literature Exchange (ILE) in 1994.

4.      Presenter and researcher, Museum of Ideas, RTE Radio One. Programmesbroadcast  9, 16, 23 & 30 December 2003.

5.      Author of Bringing Europe to Book? Literature and the Promotion of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the European Union (December 2003). Position Paper prepared at the request of the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism as part of the Ireland 2004 Presidency of the European Union.

6.      Academic Reader – Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Routledge, University of Wisconsin Press, Cork University Press, Pluto Press, Liverpool University Press, University of Wales Press, Zed Books.